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Data ethics & privacy - how to treat your data

This training helps you understand the do's and don'ts of data ethics and privacy.

Companies are gathering more and more data about the customers. At the same time, the need for handling this data in an appropriate, ethical and – of course – legal way is increasing. What can I do with my customer’s data? What data can I collect? Who should have access to these? These types of questions regarding GDPR and ethical data treatment are becoming more and more important for any data “citizen”.

In this training

  • we'll guide you through the most important concepts within data privacy and ethics
  • You will gain insights in how you should handle data from your customers in an appropriate way
  • You’ll get practical tips in how you can apply these insights to your organisation

After this training

you’ll know what the basics and best practices are to handle your (customer) data in an appropriate way.

This training is for

  • anyone in the data chain handling sensitive or personal data
    • managers in the data field looking to improve their data handling practices

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