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Hands-on Collibra Training

This training will get you some hands on action in Collibra, given by true professionals.

Collibra has evolved into one of the leading the Data Intelligence tools out in the market. The tool allows organisations to kick-start their data governance journey by providing a tool fit for almost all data governance use-cases. After a successful Collibra implementation all your data consumers within your organisation will benefit from its user-friendly and very customizable features. As "Customer Impact Partner of the Year" we are a trusted Collibra partner with more than 35,000 hours of hands-on support.

In this training 

  • You will build upon your data strategy and bring your data-driven organisation to a next level by learning Collibra's capabilities in practice by developing a proof of concept use-case ready for use.
  • The introduction will consist of highlighting Collibra's key concepts and features, this will help you get started with your Collibra implementation
  • Next up you will learn what it means to implement a business glossary, report catalog or data catalog in Collibra with our experienced Collibra consultants. Best-practices and examples will be provided throughout the session.
  • As a final step you will receive a specific use-case where you will bring together all the knowledge acquired during the training. You will have to implement a use-case from scratch, developing an operating model and designing your Collibra instance.

After this training 

you will understand Collibra's key concepts and implemented an end-to end data governance use-case ready for your end-users.

This training is for 

  • Data professionals willing to expand their overall Collibra knowledge.
  • Any data governance consultant interested in working with Collibra.
  • Managers interested in a data governance tool that wish to see how a use-case is implemented in Collibra.

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