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The importance of a good data strategy and a hands-on framework to define your Data Strategy

This training starts with understanding the world of data, the most relevant data disciplises and the trends in this rapidly evolving landscape.

Organizations have a business strategy, a customer strategy, a HR strategy. What about data? Yes, work out your data strategy to show where you're heading to and to make choices in what to (not) do that strengthen your organization.

In this training 

you'll start with understanding the world of data, the most relevant data disciplines and the trends in this rapidly evolving landscape. Think about Business Intelligence, Modern Data Platforms powered by Cloud, Data Science vs Engineering, AI and Machine Learning. The training continues with a framework for a use-case based creation of the data strategy. You will also go into the contents and workout your data strategy and key use-cases.

After this training

  • you will learn insights and spar with experienced data professionals on why data matters to you? Which possible applications? Why and in which skills and knowledge to invest? How do you start?
  • You will get a use-case based framework to create a data strategy and setup a strategy process.
  • You will workout (a basis of) your data strategy for your organization.

This training is for 

future data leaders, management roles & owners in mid to large organizations.

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