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Modern Data Platform - Introduction to key capabilities, components and how to initiate your journey

This course will help you through this challenging journey, to discover strategic insights and to assess the true benefits of this evolution

The rapidly changing world of data could be overwhelming: the rush to cloud, the increasing data volumes, the call for data-driven strategic initiatives is getting louder and louder, a wider variety of data consumers and the growing technology landscape. Don’t be overwhelmed, but join this course and discover the key components, capabilities and evolutions within a Modern Data Platform

In this training

  • You will be guided through a challenging journey, to discover strategic insights and to assess the true benefits of this evolution
  • You will gain insights in the key components, capabilities and different use case of a Modern Data Platform
  • These different insights will be translated to into a practical data strategy, roadmap & building blocks

After this training

  • you will have the necessary capabilities and components to initiate your company's journey to a modern data platform.

This training is for

  • future data leaders, management roles & owners in mid to large organisations, looking to accelerate their journey towards a Modern data platform
  • Data architects & strategist, that want to gain insights the components and evolutions of a cloud/hybrid architecture

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